I am a 25 year old dude who lives in Florida, but he should be living elsewhere with his raverfamily. I Tend to like a lot of nerdy/geeky things as well as EDM related things. #trancefamily all the way. I dabble in the fandoms of Doctor Who, Sherlock, and DCI. I like videogames, cooking, raving, sleep, sharks, food, comic books, anime, and other shit. This blog is what ultimately. is me. Oh yea, I am a DJ as well, and you will see alot of mixes come up that i post from time to time. Take listen or whatever. Delve into my personal life, or just endlessly scroll on through.


We’re coming to your heart, when you’re high on love
We’re coming to your mind, when you feel the rush
We’re coming to your soul, when your god is gone
We’re coming to your smile, when you want some fun
We’re coming to your feet, when you’re jumping high
We’re coming to your hands, when you want to fight
We’re coming to you legs, when you want to run
We’re coming to your smile, when you want some fun
So C’Mon Feed The Dada!

Feed The Dada - Dada Life 

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